Meet the Designer

Hi! I'm Amber! I started sewing at a young age. It was a hobby/skill that I would break out from time to time.

In 2020 I picked up sewing back up as a therapeutic creative outlet. Like many of you, 2020 was not a particularly great year for me. In early 2021 I left my 9-5 job and knew I would be taking several months off before searching for a new job. During that time I did some traveling and resting and took the time to really get back into sewing. I started by sewing small things for my niece and nephews.

Along the way, I saw a few tutorials on how to make bags, so I tried to make a few. After that, I was hooked. Creating bags combines my love of fashion and style, with my love of bags. I’m one who always has a hard time walking away from a good bag, even if I already have 50 of them.

As I looked forward to 2022 and worked towards figuring out what my new job would be, I prayed about it and took a leap to start a business. We launched A. Brittain Studio in March 2022 and haven’t looked back.

I now understand when they say, "Find something you love, and it will never feel like work."

🖤 Amber