Paperless Towels


Our paperless towels are made out of 100% cotton flannel.

Honestly, these can last for years. These are made out of a durable cotton flannel and will hold up to years of use.

They may start to look worn after heavy use, but they will still work. We recommend keeping the worn looking towels in a separate place and use those for the really dirty messes.

Washing our paperless towels are as simple as tossing them in with an existing load of laundry.

We wash and dry ours with our towels.

The only thing we advise is do not wash them with fabric softener, as if will cause the towels to be less absorbent.

Each paperless towel measures 10" x 12"

Absolutely not! For us and our family, it made the switch to paperless towels easier, but there is no right or wrong way to use them.

We know people that store them in a drawer, others fold them and put them in baskets, and others just keep them in a clean pile to pick out of.

How you use them is up to you.